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That's me...

I'm pretty tall and I will provide you some hints where to find extra-long clothes. In order to relax, I enjoy to run and to dance Salsa with my girlfriend. I love to travel, 
meet people, new cultures, and last but not least, I work as an IT architect and I'm interested in economics.

here you can find some useful links for tall people...

In Switzerland I can recommend Dimetrius, Saschas, and CopperCouture, all located in Zurich. They got a nice assortment for tall people. Zurli-Socks sells a wide range of sox. A pretty big choice of Jeans I normally find in the "Gäle Huus".

I also use EddieBauer pretty often. They offer a good cost/performance ratio and I use them since years to buy business pants and shirts. If you plan a trip to the UK, you may want to have a look at HIGH&MIGHTY as well.

Here you can find more Links. Please let me know what's your favourite shop...

If you would like to meet tall people have a look at the club for tall people.

and then...

Next to my main job I'm taking care of the IT at This company built by the Meier family produces some of the finest mead/honey wine in Switzerland. Enjoy it.

On other Harrys out there can promote their private or business websites.

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